Kerala Congress (M)
Abbreviation KC(M)
Leader K. M. Mani
Founder K. M. Mani
Founded 1979
Headquarters State Committee Office, Near Fire Station, Kottayam, India.
Student wing Kerala Students Congress(M)
Youth wing Kerala Youth Front (M)
Women’s wing Kerala Vanitha Congress(M)
Labour wing KTUC(M)
Ideology Toiling Class Theory
Political position
ECI Status State Party
National convener
Seats in Lok Sabha 1 / 545
Seats in Rajya Sabha 1 / 245
Election symbol Kerala Congress
Email id
Official Website
Alliance United Progressive Alliance
Split from KCM


Kerala Congress (M) Leaders Party Candidate List

Kerala Congress (M) was formed in 1979 after a split with the parent Kerala congress party. Just before the general election held on 2011 KCM fraction of P. J. Joseph merged with KC(M). Earlier Kerala Congress(Secular) which was split earlier from P. J. Joseph group and led by Eapen Varghese merged with KC(M).

For the Kerala Assembly election, the united groups would be contesting under the banner and symbol of KC (M) as directed by the election commission. The name Kerala Congress and symbol bicycle which have been claimed by the united group have been temporarily frozen.

The party newspaper of the KC (M) is well-known among the masses of Kerala, across all classes. Its columns speak for the demands of the toiling classes of the society in the state. It is a famous newspaper, upholding the constitutional rights of the oppressed. KC (M) has initiated organic farming in the state, such as to ensure sustainable growth for the farmers in rural Kerala. In addition, the party has adhered a steady improvement of the sectors of education, IT industry, infrastructural details in Kerala as well as waste management.