Manipur Peoples Party (MPP)
Abbreviation MPP
Founded December 26, 1968
Headquarters People’s Road, Imphal- 795001, Manipur
Student wing
Youth wing
Women’s wing
Labour wing
Ideology Regionalism
Political position Centre-right
ECI Status State Party
National convener
Seats in Lok Sabha – / 545
Seats in Rajya Sabha – / 245
Election Symbol Manipur Peoples Party
Email id
Official Website
Alliance National Democratic Alliance

The Manipur Peoples Party (MPP) is a political party in the Indian state of Manipur. MPP was founded on December 26, 1968 by a group of dissidents from the Indian National Congress. At the February 2007 Manipur state elections, the party received 5 of the 60 seats. Currently it is a part of North-East Regional Political Front consisting of political parties of the northeast which has supported the National Democratic Alliance (India).

Manipur Peoples Party launched extensive campaigns in the state, to protest against the blatant corruption of the Congress-led Secular Progressive Front (SPF) in Manipur. Manipur Peoples Party President along with the other leaders of the party, wrote a memorandum to the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, to allege that the Congress initiated no development in Manipur, as it solely concentrated on the selfish corrupt needs of the Congressmen. Manipur Peoples Party held many protests and demonstrations to that effect, and on one instance in the year 2011, demanded that President’s rule be imposed on the state. Manipur Peoples Party in alliance with the BJP, aimed to achieve political and administrative stability in the state of Manipur, by consistently fighting against an overall non-Congress agenda. Manipur Peoples Party asserted that a stable government in the state was primarily needed to meet the demands of the people of Manipur. Manipur Peoples Party had a number of frontal organizations under its banner, foremost among them being the Sugnu Kendra Youth Front, the youth cell of the party. The SKYF has had a number of achievements so far as it carried out protests and demanded for a stable and just political life for the youth in Manipur.