Voter ID card is an important document that gives the power to vote for Indian citizen. It is issued by the Election Commission and is an approved document that proves one’s identity. The level officers at various booths are the ones who distribute these cards.

Apply for Duplicate Voter ID Card

The India is a democratic country and in this way every single national has a voice in shaping the government. The government is controlled by various agents of individuals elected by the residents of India as a Member of Parliament and additionally member of Legislative assembly.

These agents need to challenge election and win by greater part. The triumphant competitor can be illustrative of the general population of a specific constituency and in this manner election has a colossal hugeness in the majority rules system. In the election, it is the obligation of each native to make choice in different elections and elect a decent hopeful. You will get to know how to apply duplicate voter ID card Online in Delhi, UP, Gujarat, MP, Hyderabad, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Telangana etc.

How to Get Duplicate Election Card?

The voter ID card is mandatory for a voter to cast his vote. In cases where this card is lost, the voter should apply for a duplicate ID card if he wants to cast his vote in his constituency. For the same, voters can download the form from the website or can contact their nearby offices for the same.

Some voters lose their id cards while travelling. The cards may be lost or it could be damaged or misplaced by the voter. However, whenever voter loses his card, he can get a duplicate voter ID card through the following procedure.

How To Get a Duplicate Voter ID Card Online

People lose their Voter Identity card mostly while travelling. Theft can also be the reason for voter ID card loss. Sometimes the voter ID cards are simply misplaced or get damaged accidentally. There is always a solution for this because in any case of voter ID card loses voters can get the duplicates of their respective cards. Below mentioned are few tasks that you need to accomplish if you are seeking a duplicate of your Voter ID card.

  • This step not mandatory it’s an optional process, but to keep your self safe this process recommended. Inform your nearby police station about the loss of your voter ID card and file and FIR, Keep the FIR copy safe with you.
  • The form 002 you can download from here that needs to be filled for applying for duplicate voter ID card is available either from the internet or from the nearby election commission office
  • You must fill up the form properly to ensure that all details are full and correct
  • To this filled in form, attach a copy of the FIR that you hVave saved before (Optional Process).
  • To this attach a document that certifies your identity. This could be your passport, PAN card, ration card or driving license
  • You will now have to attach a document that certifies your place of residence. This could be your passport, gas bill, electricity, landline telephone bill etc.

Now, visit your nearest Election Commission Office and submit the completed form along with all the above documents. The officials will acknowledge your documents through a receipt. With this, you can check the status of your application for duplicate voter ID card online frequently to check when you will receive the same.

Apply for Duplicate Voter Card online

Voters have the option to apply for duplicate voter ID card online as well. The form 002 can be downloaded from here. This form is then completely filled up and submitted along with ID, residence proof and copy of FIR to the electoral registration office.

What to do When Duplicate Card is not Issued!!

If any of the documents like the ID proof, residence proof or the FIR copy is not submitted properly by the voter, then he will not be issued a duplicate voter id card. Non Resident Indians (NRI) who does not reside in India should not apply for a voter ID card. The exception to this rule is that, if the NRI has been sent abroad as per Government deputation, or if he or she is an employee of the Indian Government, then he or she can apply for a voter ID card.

The Chief Electoral Officer at your nearby locality should be your first point of contact for any issues relating to duplicate voter ID cards. The process of each and every State Government may be slightly different when it comes to the process of issuing duplicate cards. Some states may charge some amount for issuing these duplicate cards. Your respective state’s Election Commission website will give you details about the status of your Voter ID card.