In India, both the Lok Sabha and State Assembly elections are held every 5 years later. Freedom, democracy, the rights of the people of India and the importance of the right to vote in a country where one of them. Who is allowed to participate in the voting is over 18 years. You will need to vote in the Election Commission of India is a registered voter and the voter ID you need to apply for registration.

Download Voter ID Card

Download Voter ID Card

India’s information technology center in the country’s new voter ID has been a great help to the Election Commission for registration of candidates is to smoother the process. Assembly elections by the Election Commission and is responsible for the electoral process in the country, the new registration, setup a fake ID issuance and the election officials in each state that takes care of other tasks.

Voters stood in long lines to manually form a new a few years ago and had to go through the tedious process of submitting documents, but made it to the Election Commission today. Just 10-15 minutes you can create your voter ID. It is in the cities where they have set up or registration offices at the district level in rural areas, only ECI has been a huge success. To the attention of young voters in particular have increased their voter IDs has been registered. A large number of people participating in the poll and encouraged others to practice their right to vote.

1.2 billion population, 29 states and 7 union territories, it is very difficult to make the electoral process and the action of the Election Commission, so that it becomes a separate website set up in each state. Carter developed the website design and communication make it easier for residents of the state.

There is a separate website for every state in India so that the people of these states face no problem in downloading, filling the application form and printing the voter-id cards. The option of translating the pages of the website to the local languages is also there. It should be noted that the soft copy of the voter-id card cannot be downloaded due to the security reasons; hence the only option left is of printing it. The current address of a person can be updated before he downloads the voter-id card.

Download Voter ID Card With Photo From Following the Instructions Below.

  1. Log on to the website Electoral Commission website of India and select the regional website on which you have registered your Voter’s ID.
  2. The next step is to click on the SEARCH YOUR NAME tab. Once you click on it, the page will prompt you to fill in your details. After the filling the details click the search button.
  3. When you click search all your Voter ID details will appear on the screen. On the right hand corner your will see a PRINT option to Download Voter ID Card.
  4. On clicking the PRINT option the Voter ID card will be enlarged on the screen and another PRINT option will appear. Before you click this button be sure to have a plain paper ready inside a printer. The minute you give a print command your Voter ID card will be printed.
  5. Downloading a voter’s ID is as easy and quick as that you can also Download Voter ID Card. Do not waste time in making your Voter’s ID card. The minute you or anyone you know turns 18, log on to the ECI website or the website of your state and register as an official Voter of India.